Located on the M2 floor of Broadway Stages’ soundstage complex, the BWS Gallery hosts occasional art exhibitions organized by NOoSPHERE Arts, Arts Producer & Presenter on 520 Kingsland Ave. Please come join us on September 21 , 2019, for the inaugural exhibit in this new location!

The opening of the show was scheduled to coincide with the Kingsland Wildflowers Fall Festival, a Climate Week official event.
NOoSPHERE Arts curated a series of performances and a 25 artist group exhibition, titled REPOPULATIONS.
As of September 23, the gallery will be open during the week by appointment and during the weekend from 12-6 PM.
Please contact us for a private tour! The artwork is also on view and available for purchase on ARTFARE.
A portion of the proceeds will benefit Kingsland Wildflowers and NOoSPHERE Arts.


NOoSPHERE Arts presents REPOPULATIONS, a group exhibition and series of performances opening during Kingsland Wildflowers' Fall Festival, taking place during Climate Week 2019. Curated by Daniela Holban, the show will feature works by 20+ artists.

REPOPULATIONS examines the parallels between declining local natural habitats within the Greenpoint landscape: Native plant and wildlife alongside the artists' populations have become depleted over time due to the neglect and contamination of their ecosystems by both industrial and property development. A commentary on a microcosm of a greater global crisis, the exhibition addresses the importance and celebrates the repopulation efforts of these ecosystems in several ways – by presenting a selection of artists working in the area as well as showcasing artworks that comment on environmental themes. 

With Works by: Jon Barraclough, Marijke Brinkhof, Juliet Jane, Maki Kaoru, Aomi Kikuchi, Sol Kjok, Tom Koken, Sjaak Kooij, Ofra Lapid, Till Lauer, Allison Maletz, Julianne Nash, Agata Nowicka, Brian Rattiner, Beau Bree Rhee, Noam Shoan, Asia Sztencel, Adriano Valeri, Ingvild Waerhaug, Martynka Wawrzyniak, Albin Wiberg, Alex Wolkowicz and Gabriel Zimmer.

Special multi-media performance with Ingvild Waerhaug on vocals and Art Baron on bass recorder & trombone on Sept.21st at 6:30PM. 

The exhibition is sponsored by Broadway Stages, a generous arts patron whose support allows a multitude of displaced artists renewed access to the former manufacturing plants where the creative tribe once thrived.

Artworks available for purchase on ARTFARE. A portion of the  proceeds will benefit Kingsland Wildflowers and NOoSPHERE Arts.

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