NOosphere arts' residency award

Dedicated to bringing art from elsewhere to New York, NOoSPHERE Arts’ all-volunteer artists’ team keeps seeking new ways to accomplish our goal: to offer the U.S. audience access to current art from other countries and to bring creative people together for artistic cross-pollination and transnational collaborations.

Ever since our inception in 2011, NOoSPHERE Arts has repeatedly worked with Mothership NYC to stage public arts events in Brooklyn.  Located in Greenpoint, this community of international creatives is a combined live-work space and presentation arena with a mission very much in line with our organization’s: “to support and promote artists across multiple disciplines through residencies, public shows and collaborative opportunities; build sustainable transnational artist networks; and help retain creative forces in New York City.”

We are pleased to offer an annual grant program in collaboration with Mothership NYC: NOoSPHERE Arts Residency Award.
Once a year, we will provide a month-long residency free of charge to one talented international artist and/or curator. Selected by a committee of peers, the award winner will spend their time on board Mothership NYC developing a creative project for presentation to the NYC audience under the aegis of NOoSPHERE Arts.

Annual deadline: February 4 (NOoSPHERE Arts' birthday)
The awardee will choose one month in the following year as their residency period.

The Bridge Project, a São Paulo-based, nomadic curatorial initiative created by Julie Dumont (Brussels, 1974), offering visibility to artists through the organization and documentation of exhibitions and international residencies with partners from São Paulo, Brussels and New York among others.

2019/2020 Shortlist Runners-up:
1) Burçin Erdi, Turkey, Painting
2) Joel Gailer, Australia, Multi-disciplinary Art
3) Marc Schmitz, Germany/Mongolia, Multi-disciplinary/Painting
4) Mo Sirra, Iraq/Sweden, Interdisciplinary Art, Design & Curating
5) Robert B. Lisek, Poland/US, Creative Coding/Sound Art/Storytelling

Selected in 2018, Sudanese-Norwegian Visual Artist Ahmed Umar completed his residency period onboard Mothership in May/June of 2019. Shown below giving an artist talk at the montly Mothership salon (left) and presenting his interactive performance/installation If You No Longer Have A Family, Make Your Own in Clay during Night of A Thousand Thrills at Last Frontier NYC.

Photo Credit: Thomas Kolbein Bjørk Olsen (left) ; Shina Peng (right)

Photo Credit: Thomas Kolbein Bjørk Olsen (left) ; Shina Peng (right)

1) Work Samples:
Choose 7 digital images of your best work from the past three years.
Your files must be in jpg format, max 1MB in size, and named as follows:
Your Last Name_Your First Name_Entry Number_Title of Work_Medium_Year of Production, e.g. Picasso_Pablo_1_Guernica_Painting_1937
For applicants submitting video and/or sound works, please provide URL(s).

2) Cover Letter:
In a SINGLE-PAGE PDF-document named Your Last Name_Your First Name_2019please provide the following information:
a) Personal Details:
(Your name; email; nationality; current place of residence; artistic field and website)
b) List of Works:
In the same order as your jpegs, list your 7 works with title, medium, and year.
For applicants submitting video and/or sound works, indicate the relevant URL(s) here.
c) Artist Statement:
In no more than 200 words, explain what your work is about. Please use plain language.
d) Residency Project:
Briefly describe what kind of public presentation you would like to make to the NYC audience at the end of your residency.
Specify whether you want your project shown on Mothership’s outdoor stage or indoors at Last Frontier NYC. Max. 200 words.
e) Artist Bio:
In one paragraph, please provide a concise summary of your artistic career to date. Max 200 words.
ALL OF THE ABOVE MUST FIT ON ONE SINGLE, LETTER-SIZE PAGE WITHOUT IMAGES — Any content beyond that limit will not be read!

3) Submission:
In an email with the subject line: RA Application 2020, attach a Zip folder named Your Last Name_Your First Name_2019 containing your 7 jpgs and 1-pg PDF. Your complete Zip folder — no other compression format will be accepted — must be sent as an attachment; we will not open download links. In the body of your message, please copy and paste the same Personal Details appearing in your cover letter, i.e. the data listed under item 2a) above — nothing more, nothing less. 
Send your application to our selection committee by February 4.

Please note that the above email account is exclusively for complete submissions and not monitored for inquiries.
If you have questions, please contact Captain Sol .

Feel free to spread the word among your artist colleagues.
We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!