NOoSPHERE Arts may no longer have a permanent physical platform, but we are still very much alive and kicking!
With a mission to bring art from elsewhere to New York, our team of artists and volunteers continues to organize multidisciplinary events
in various venues, including Last Frontier NYC and Mothership NYC in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
There are many ways for you to help us create public arts programming, such as:
1)  Making a fully tax-deductible donation using the link below
2) Making NOsSPHERE Arts your charity of choice on, at no cost to you
3) Giving us a hand in person before, during or after our next event – we promise it will be fun!


On our third anniversary, on February 4 of 2014, the Scandinavian arts magazine KUNSTforum published a write-up on our first three years in operation:

Please click for an English translation of the Norwegian text.

Please click the image below for the full article by Tommy Olsson in Klassekampen, May 28, 2014: